Property Management

Careful selection

The historic and prestigious properties that enter the Hemerald circuit are selected for elegance, comfort, automation and modernity.

We believe that ours is a work of great responsibility. A commitment to care and protection towards the owners, first and foremost. But also towards the final customers, in favor of total satisfaction in which each piece plays a specific and important role.

We transform the property into a tourist residence

A proven network and the constant teamwork between professionals in the luxury real estate sector and that of hospitality, hospitality and hospitality, make the Hemerald residences unique.

  • Placing the property on the international market through our specific and consolidated offline and online network.
  • Verification of the identity of the guests and transmission of data to the competent authorities, to check that everything is always in order.
  • Management of visits, calendars and reservations. If you want to block the availability of the property, just a communication.
  • Through our app you can connect real time and check the status of your property, updates, employment and profits.