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Unique dwellings

Hemerald stands out in Italy for the management of luxury properties & Resorts. Select only beautiful homes to be included in its experiential circuit. A Hemerald residence means offering prestigious properties on the national and international market. The returns on investments are guaranteed by a great knowledge of the tourist market. The Hemerald team is always expanding into the most prestigious tourist cities. He has high knowledge of the real estate market. He is specialized in the marketing of luxury properties.


Hemerald Group

A capillary network of House managers and Villa managers take care of prestigious properties with professionalism and thoroughness.

Hemerald cures aspects such as:

  • House design;
  • Burocracy and local legislation;
  • Tourism management;
  • Payment processing.
Hemerald Group
Hemerald Group
Hemerald-Group appartamenti e ville affitto breve

Hemerald experience


Study of the potential of property and increase in perceived value. From the analysis of the property to the realization of photo shoots.


Historic and prestigious properties enter the Hemerald circuit of short-term rentals through a careful selection followed by careful management.


Quality brand. An impeccable combination of real estate development and tourism management in the luxury segment.


The prestige of each property is further enhanced by qualified and reliable professionals with unique concierge services. House Managers and Villa Managers.